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In that particular case, I'd never buy an EV until I could justify a solar energy system. Is everyone in California paying more to drive an EV than a comparable gas vehicle? That would be hard to believe, since it would mean the MPGe figures for the EVs are brutally deceptive - like to the tune of 3x to 5x overly inflated.

In my case (and I suspect in the vast majority of cases) gas prices would have to fall below a buck a gallon for EV operating costs to approach those of an equivalent ICE vehicle.
PG&E has special rate plans for EV owners, it's all too complicated and inapplicable (to me) for me to try and figure it out. At peak times they charge up to $0.50 per kwh, judging by a friends model 3 that gets about 3-4 miles per kwh, that is the equivalent of getting up to 24mpg at $3 per gallon. Although it's almost as quick as my e92 that gets 12-15mpg at ~3.35-3.65/gal.

If you're judicious about charging you can pay half that rate, so almost 50mpg in terms of cost equivalence. Lots of people do it for the carpool stickers, autopilot features for Tesla, and performance. For most EV owners I've talked to the lower cost of fuel seemed like an added benefit rather than a main decision factor.
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My wife would give me so much head if I did that.
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