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Originally Posted by Now_Rudi View Post
Always carry a clean spare shirt with me to the gym. After cardio, my shirt is soaked. I also keep a combination lock for the locker in my bag. My wallet and keys stay in the locker while I'm working out. Also, a small hand-towel, bluetooth earbuds, back-up battery charger, life-savers or mentos, and these ( ) to keep my bag from stinking after putting my sweaty ass t-shirts in the bag post-workout. Once a week, I pull them out and let them "recharge" in the sun.

I also carry a stainless steel water bottle full of whatever I'm drinking at the gym and shaker bottle of either whey protein or some form of post-workout drink. I hide those in the cooler the gym uses to peddle their over-priced drinks so they're nice and cold as soon as I'm finished. This also lets me have my post-workout drink minutes after I'm finished. I've been waiting on management to bitch at me for taking up space in their cooler, as well as not buying their drinks; but after a year, they haven't said a word.

Thanks for sharing. Those deodorizers are SUUUUUPER clutch
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