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Originally Posted by FlaPatsFan View Post
I also use hook grip, and it is rough when first implementing it. Your thumbs take a beating! (Nubs thumb protectors help). I will only bust out straps (DLs and Clean Pulls) when at 85%+ of my 1rm. Double overhand! No alternate grip!!!! Same goes for the belt with squats. Multiple pairs of wrist/strength wraps. I’m knee sleeve junkie and have various pairs for different things. I also use “Lifters” Nike Romaleos (the best) when squatting or doing cleans. I truly believe in having the right gear for the job, especially being older. Other then a arthritic left shoulder (thanks CrossFit) my body is in very good shape.

*Most importantly...a mouth piece when squatting or Deadlifting heavy

You know I never used to use a mouth piece until I seen my training partner crack a tooth during a workout.

I have veneers, so I wear one religiously now!
Everybody has a gameplan....until they get punched in the mouth.
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