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Originally Posted by mfindigital View Post
People don't buy manuals, as we all know. I've driven exclusively manual in my performance cars for almost 20 years, got the 135i with DCT and have never, for a second, looked back.

It sounds like the tune is different (BMW claims 50 more hp than toyota for the i6, and BMW is not one to exaggerate power claims, I'm guessing the supra will be highly tuneable). I think everyone has heard how terrible bmw's steering has become, from what I can tell Toyota has a different steering setup that got rave reviews in pre production cars, I'd guess suspension is also different. It's MUCH better looking than the bmw (I don't have the new Z4, but the Supra is far prettier, especially the rear end).
Uptake for manual transmissions in the general public is very, very low, but it's higher in sports cars. It's at about 20%-25% in Porsche 911s. I personally won't buy an ICE car without a manual. Heck, I was even relatively bored with a Lamborghini I rented without a manual.

In terms of looks, I like the rear but the front looks odd to me.

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