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Originally Posted by hooligan_clt View Post
So, the 90% and then, 75% injury rate numbers you threw out there were completely false, you now admit. You realize that was the entire intent of my original post, right? You could have copped to it in the first place, but instead you doubled-down and cited a "study" that was retracted because of the level of bullshit contained in it.

Only after being clearly shown to be talking out of your ass do you finally admit to it. Why?

I don't give two shits if you, or anyone else, do CrossFit or hate CrossFit. It's simply not that big of a deal - my last name isn't Glassman or Castro.

Again, there's no need to make asinine claims about why CrossFit is bad - there are plenty of legit reasons to criticize it. Maybe injury rate is one, but don't go overinflating numbers to help bolster a weak (pun intended) argument. You lose credibility.


I need to go buy one of those give a phuck keyboards with the sarcasm buttons on it!

You've clearly avoided the facts at hand, and that's ok being your likely in California....

Just keep tossing sandbags over your shoulder buddy, it's probably the most injury preventative exercise CF does.... if it's even really deemed an exercise!

Loosen up your knee wraps, back brace, and all the other accesorie straps CF relies on these days, clearly it's clouding your ability to see the facts!
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