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Originally Posted by DonaldPump View Post
There is a lot of truth to this. One of my favorite training videos is out of a olmypic weightlifting gym in CA called Cal Strength. One of their newer lifters was watching Donny Shankle (aka the lion killer) moving shit tons of weight and he asks the coach “How do I lift like Donny?”. To which the coach replies “go back, pick a stronger dad, and a stronger mom”.
That's awesome!

Good friend of mine when I was younger was BLACK as can be and would overhead press 315 like it was 135. I said Bernard what'd you do besides football when you were in school, he says "I just thank your white ancestors for picking the 2 biggest nigg@s in the field and hooking them up"..... I died laughing and how true it was.

Hopefully nobody was offended, I'm just relaying what was said by a BLACK friend lol!
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