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Originally Posted by Mr Carrots View Post
Genetics really are everything in any strength sport, and especially bbing.

I never bothered competing in PLing because a 1800+ total might make you the strongest guy in almost any gym but it's nothing when you're up against guys who benched 405 back in high school and can raw squat 800.

Its even more depressing in bbing, I've seen someone train for 6 months and win the overall at the NPC show in LA, then immediately quit and go back to looking like they never touched a weight lol

I mean Ray Williams just did a record 1069lb back squat this past weekend at the Arnold Expo which is nuts!!!

Body building is such a sport of illusion. This was a 6 month transformation I did on a client, he quit lifting because of his work load, and all went to shift after the pick was taken!
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