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Originally Posted by FlaPatsFan View Post
Everyone has a different experience with their introduction to CF, mine was a good one back in 2009. Sounds like not so much in your case. I will agree CF can be more injury prone due to the intensity and vast array of movement combinations. Those who are out of shape and obese really need to be careful on how they begin training in CF. A better way for these ppl to start would be more of a CF Lite type training to those starting from square one with little to no exercise or fitness experience.

IMO CF was better off when it was a more specialized type of training for those already in shape and familiar with a majority of the movements. Example...I was a collegiate Football / Lacrosse player so during those years and after I did Cleans, Snatches, plyo and agility stuff all rolled together during season and off season. My body was already adapted to this type of training.

When CF went to the masses and started chasing the money things changed. Not everyone is built for CF. But I say hey give it a try, but you need to recognize if itís not for you.

As for Stef Cohen Iíve seen lots of her videos, impressive girl. Puts up some great numbers.
Agreed 100%!

It really is a shame as I think the money component really soured what the original focus was.

The interesting thing in genetics play a huuuuuge factor and the volume of fast twitch muscles required.

I feel the best thing Greg Glassman did was put a relative definition to what fitness is!
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