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Originally Posted by Performancedieselpros View Post
Koolaid must be tart where your from buddy!

C.F. abso-damn-lutely has a greater risk of injury..... when a test pool of 112 conditioned applicants in a 8 week period of time results in more than 75% sustaining limiting injury that's a problem in program design!

Top 2 injury causing activities are Running and CF!

Running due to volume of individuals performing on daily basis, resulting in knee, hip, plantar issues, and the occasional strain or pull.

CF which is a much more explosive motion with a greater sudden loading on XYZ joint. Often resulting in much more catastrophic damage.

The common types of injuries in a more traditional gym are just that traditional.... strains, pulls, sprains, and selfies

Links to your study, please. It's not the one from Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (2013), I hope.

...After an investigation, the NCSA retracted the original data and issued accurate findings in the October issue of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. Their erratum states, “After the article was published, 10 of the 11 participants who did not complete the study have provided their reasons for not finishing, with only 2 mentioning injury or health conditions that prevented them from completing follow-up testing.”...

No Kool Aid drinking here. Sorry to disappoint.
...A total of 486 CrossFit participants completed the survey, and 386 met the inclusion criteria. The overall injury rate was determined to be 19.4%...
The injury incidence rate associated with CrossFit training was low, and comparable to other forms of recreational fitness activities. Previous injury and gender were identified as risk factors for injury, whilst the role of movement competency in this setting warrants further investigation
(emphasis mine)
..."Injury rates with CrossFit training are similar to that reported in the literature for sports such as Olympic weight-lifting, power-lifting and gymnastics and lower than competitive contact sports such as rugby union and rugby league," the researchers reported.

And that rate is positively puny compared to sports like soccer, skiing, and football. Even running may be more dangerous. A 2010 study followed recreational runners for eight weeks as they trained for a 4-mile race. 30.1 injuries were reported for every 1,000 hours of running
(emphasis mine)

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