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Tommyg makes some good points about all the settings making it difficult to learn the car. And remember the adaptive suspension is also trying to figure out (adapt) to the situation on its own within a given setting. This to me is sometimes over thinking and I would rather establish a good set up and learn to drive it.
BMW has some short videos about this. Try googling for them.
In everyday driving however, I do enjoy being able to use normal on rough or washboard pavement . It should help reduce suspension stress or damage. I also start out in normal while the oil is warming up because the shift points are at a lower RPM. After a warm up I switch to sport to raise the rpm to shift at about 3000 rpm with a light throttle, and help reduce fouling and deposits in normal traffic. The car will often be one gear lower than in normal.
BEWARE when you enter heavy traffic from a side road. If you are in normal, especially if a turn onto the road is required, the nannies will cause a hesitation of about a second which is an eternity if a truck is bearing down on you. I hope I always remember to take off in sport or sport+.
The shifting is also firmer in sport and more so in sport+, this to me is not good for the drive line and is unnecessary.
All in all I like having the normal for, well, comfortable normal driving in traffic and then firm it up as desired. If I intend to track or auto cross I would drive in sport or sport+ for a few days before hand to get the feel of the throttle response etc.

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