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Originally Posted by hooligan_clt View Post
Well, with no real specifics, it's hard to comment intelligently.

I don't hate the idea of the Regionals going away, and I actually like the intentional shift of focus from CrossFit headquarters away from the Games and toward general health for all of its participants.

Given the lawsuit(s) between Glassman, Castro and Reebok, I wouldn't be surprised to see that partnership go away, either. Especially with a lot of other footwear/clothing companies offering "CrossFit" focused goods now.

Also, thanks for bumping this thread - I left because of the nonsense and now I see that the #1 basher of CrossFit actually posted a picture of himself doing bench on a fucking bosu ball! Priceless....
No prob, yeah all those pics had me cracking up. Guy was here for like a week blasting everyone about Fitness. I don’t think he had 1 actual car post.

Anyway, I liked your response. Crossfit was due for a shake up and restructure based on a lot of issues. But yes the “Games” have taken over CF. I understand Glassmans shift of focus and global out reach. His original intent was not to create the “Games” that was just a biproduct of this training regime. In essence “testing fitness” in a competitive setting.

I am curious to see how this “Olympic” style of competition pans out, with Global representation from all countries. Combined with a season of competitions for qualifying.

I think they should separate the Sport of CF and CF. Have another entity run CFs professional division (properly with PED testing), and have Glassman run CFs Heath and Fitness Division. Just a thought.