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Originally Posted by TommyDJG View Post
Sport and Sport+ stiffen the steering and change the throttle map to a quicker one (as well as stiffening the active suspension). Then Sport+ also disables certain driver aids/traction control which don't cut in when the wheels begin to spin (as far as i'm aware).

I'm in Sport+ 90% of the time.
Normal 10% of the time (when I'm parking up or on the motorway).

I'm in Sport+ a lot of the time as I want to drive the car as manually as possible, without having the aids kicking in and affecting the drive. I think you don't actually learn how to drive a car with so many aids as you don't understand how certain inputs, at certain times, in certain weather conditions, affect the car. So if ever you drove a car without said aids, you could find yourself in a lot of trouble
That being said, for the first month I did only use Normal and Sport modes, good idea when getting to grips with a 300bhp RWD sportscar!

Coming from an Integra Type-R with only ABS and Power Steering, I'm used to not relying on lots driver aids to save my hide. Best way to learn, and drive.
I've been playing around in sport+ all day and its definitely different from sport. I have a manual and its so much easier to smoothly get into first gear without having to use so much pressure on the gas. It also stiffens everything up and actually performs how a Z4 should around the corners. It looks like it gives me a little wheelspin but just a half a second or so then it nannies. Cant wait to take her to the track/autocross and take advantage of this.
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