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Sport and Sport+ stiffen the steering and change the throttle map to a quicker one (as well as stiffening the active suspension). Then Sport+ also disables certain driver aids/traction control which don't cut in when the wheels begin to spin (as far as i'm aware).

I'm in Sport+ 90% of the time.
Normal 10% of the time (when I'm parking up or on the motorway).

I'm in Sport+ a lot of the time as I want to drive the car as manually as possible, without having the aids kicking in and affecting the drive. I think you don't actually learn how to drive a car with so many aids as you don't understand how certain inputs, at certain times, in certain weather conditions, affect the car. So if ever you drove a car without said aids, you could find yourself in a lot of trouble
That being said, for the first month I did only use Normal and Sport modes, good idea when getting to grips with a 300bhp RWD sportscar!

Coming from an Integra Type-R with only ABS and Power Steering, I'm used to not relying on lots driver aids to save my hide. Best way to learn, and drive.
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