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Originally Posted by KennyP View Post
Ordered at the end of may. KW had spring sale going on from march till end of may with 350 eur off on all KW V3 kits(all makes and models). KW V1 and V2 had price reduction aswell. Because of that i guess they have a lot of orders to deal with and dispatch times are really long. Did not order from KW Germany directly and used Demon Tweeks webshop as they were a tiny bit cheaper. Got confirmation from Demon Tweeks that they would have my V3 kit in stock by 12th of june. Its 15th now and still nothing. And to keep in mind Demon Tweeks has to ship them from UK to Estonia on top of that. Its been 18 days since i placed my order. Was hoping to have them in my hands at the end of next week (21.06) but guess thats not happening.

Read your other post on dealing with the stiffness and changing swaybars back to stock. As KW lowers the car the tension on the swaybar may change. Preload or something. You can try finding adjustable swaybar links that can be made shorter or longer to dial that preload out. Im not an expert on suspension tuning but have read a bit on that. Thats why some kits come with adjustable end links already in the box.

Interested to see on how your setup tweaking goes. Im also on 19" and Michelin Pilot Supersport tires.

Im training myself to get used to the stiffer ride by driving all the time in Sport+ with the adaptive suspension. Then when i install KW it wont seem too ruff maybe. To be honest adaptive suspension spoils a man. sport+ on smooth roads and when you see even a bit of ruffer road you push a button twice to comfort and coast over the bumps etc. You never experiance that bumpiness and harshness. Now that im going everywhere in sport+ its totally different but i am getting used to it. My previos cars have had stiff suspension on them aswell. Never tried coilovers but have had spring kits (tein, eibach) and swaybars with camber adjustment on numerous TYPE R cars.

Also when seaching for KW saw your advertisement on Facebook selling your KW V3 kit. Facebook showed it to me on marketplace top picks window every time i logged in. Guess you changed your mind?
Thanks for the amazing tip. Front swaybar links are available but i dont see any adjustable swaybar links for rear anywhere. If you see any, feel free to send me a link.
Swaybar preload can change comfort but it shouldnt be dramatically different IMO.

Yes I considered selling them when they were new but I decided against it since I love driving dynamics now. I just decided to not have anyone in the car who would complain about comfort

Stock recommended air pressure 38F and 44R PSI is too high for PS4S I believe. -4 PSI (cold tires) all around helps with comfort. Recommended air pressure of RFTs isn't comfortable with PS4S's stiff sidewall I guess. Also, my tires are upsized i.e 235 and 265 (instead of 225 and 255) so a lower air pressure shouldnt affect traction control or odometer much.

While you're waiting, let me tell you driving dynamics make up for added discomfort. Generally, its only uncomfortable upto 40mph i feel. Anything faster, it feels great.
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