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Originally Posted by nicknaz View Post
I think its the same "sports+" as other years where the traction control is put in the DTC mode and DSC is off (i.e. not full off). It allows a decent amount of oversteer and doesn't seem to cut power on aggressive corner exits so it isn't immediately clear to me that full off would be much more helpful.

I should just refer to it as sports+ in the future to avoid confusion.
OK, no changes then!

And yes I believe you are right. Probably sport+ gives you the best car for fast laptimes as it not only doesn't cut power too aggressively, but also helps to brake individual wheels to kill excessive under/oversteer. At least I do not think you can review the Z4 on the track only by driving it with DSC off (as most do).

DSC off is only helpful if you want to balance the car on oversteer for fun.

Here I had it in sport+, and because I knew DSC was on, I felt like just flooring it from a rolling start into a 90 degree turn:

password: "4".

I was very surprised of how much oversteer was allowed before individual brakes were applied by the "sport+" DSC. It is an example of how much slip sport+ actually allows on a dry surface.

On the video you can hear how the power is cut slighty while the dsc is applying the brakes. This, until eventually the (slow and very surprised) driver chickened out and applied the brakes himself.

Ok, sorry, back to topic...