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Originally Posted by GenXer View Post
Here I am with the gasoline consumption blue. I drive 100 miles a day round trip and my fuel bill is about $300/month at $2.40/gallon.

Would I gain anything by getting a slightly used all electric car?

Assuming that it's $12K for a low mileage car and I pay cash for it.
At 40 months I'm just breaking even.

Would the fuel costs plus wear and tear on a big SUV to drive 80k miles justify an electric car?

Driving my SUV for 80K miles -- will need 2 sets of 22" tires $2800, brake service $1000, total fuel at current prices $9600. Engine oil/service $1000 - total cost $14,400

Driving an electric car for 80k miles -- Cost of the vehicle $12K, 2 set of tires $1000, brake service $1000, electricity cost ???

So when does an all electric vehicle make sense?
Right now the EV is best looked at as a short term vehicle of opportunity. You don't buy it unless you want to keep it for a long time, however federal tax rebates and state rebates are lowering residuals, so you have to take that into consideration. BMW inflates their residuals on the i3 lease. They also pass the $7500 tax credit to the consumer through a cap reduction unlike Kia (fk you Kia) My state also has a $2500 rebate and I get a $1000 rebate from my utility. Use these post sale rebates as a down payment (net $0 out of pocket), max MSDs, plus some shrewd negotiation stills to get 10-11% off and you get a $200 tax included monthly payment on a $55k EV for 30 months. That's a $6k cost for almost 3 years. I once did the math based on my KWh numbers on my electric bill vs the epa of my F80 M3 based on the gas prices at the time, which were higher back then and it came out to a savings of $0.09/mile or about $150 a month.

Tl;dr - my i3 is $199/mo tax included and paying for the electricity to charge is still $150/mo cheaper than using my M3 to commute.
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