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z4 35is transmission oil HOT warming alert

I own a bmw z4 35is 2010
I recently got a hot oil warming alert from the transmission (photos attached).
When the fault does not appear, the vehicle travels excellently and without any strange phenomenon, also true for a perfectly normal engine temperature (90-110).
The last time the vehicle reached a state that went into an emergency in the transmission and combined straight to N.
In the connection of a fault scanner it was found that one of the temperature sensors is fake and shows a heat of 170C degrees, while the rest of the temperature (engine, transmission oil) shows 70-80C degrees.
Even after the vehicle stood for 3 hours and cooled down the connection of the scanner showed exactly the same alert of the sensor. Even after 24 hours it was tested and the sensor gave a reading of 50C and suddenly jumped to 150C degrees.
I would love to know if anyone has encountered this phenomenon and what can be done, thanks
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