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Originally Posted by Dave Marien View Post
T89; I really like them now. I knew what I was getting when I ordered the car, but wasn't 100% keen on them truth be told. They've now grown on me and I like them a lot - haven't seen any 276's in my area yet, so I'm feeling special, for now.

Yeah I know what you mean. I have 276's in 17" as my winter set up. The wheel design on its own is nice and I really like it. But in 17" they are ridiculously small. Get's lost in those wheel arches.

Originally Posted by KrisNL View Post
Well, been Alfa crazy, Porsche crazy, drove Lexus, Jag,...
Time for a Beemer this time.
Hopefully you'll be Bmw crazy (and it's Bimmer btw)

Originally Posted by yoonskim View Post
Hi people

My name is Yoon.
I just joined this forum a few minutes ago....
Found this forum randomly through searching on Google.
I've been in the VAG scene for all my driving life and still own a modified Audi A3 2.0T with APR Stg 2+ and BUNCH more.

Been in NY, USA for 10 years but just recently moved to Amsterdam and bought the new Z4 a few days ago. I'm still waiting for the dealer to prep, register the vehicle for me. Hopefully I will get the car sometime next week since they told me it will most likely take about 5 business days for the plates and such...

My A3 is still in NY but I'm trying to find a way to bring it over here...
Only picture I have of the Z4 is an iPhone picture I took at the dealership in Amsterdam.

Oh and btw, this is actually my very first bimmer

I will take some quality pictures when I pick up the car next week and post a formal introduction and show off some of my previous VAG cars too

This will have to do for now though...

Hope to learn a lot from this board since i'm a noob to the bimmer world
Welcome. Those 313's look great with Black.