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Unhappy DCT Overheat & Hesitation Issue - 35i

Hi All,

I've had a look round the search function and not seen much concerning my issues.

For the past several months I've noticed the DCT hesitates when selecting 1st or 2nd gear when it's rolling to a stop (under slight braking) when you go to accelerate you notice a long lag before the clutch even attempts to engage. It doesn't seem like clutch slip as it handles hill situations quite well and it doesn't feel like it's even attempting to slip the clutch abit. This issue can result in unpleasant driving characteristics, even my girlfriend comments the car feels heavy from standstill and then jerky when it engages the clutch.

I have looked for this issue across google and there are alot of complaints about the DCT in general being hesitant. But I've had the car 3 years and it didn't do this back then, it just had that "normal" auto tranny uncertainty in these typical scenarios.

My other issue which might be connected is that in the past few months when oil temp is all warmed up when conducting kickdown overtake's the amber DCT overheat warning light has come on and cut power. I wasn't driving the car particular hard. Leaving the car a few hours and all was fine again. This only occurred the once.
On a track day last week the DCT overheat warning essentially came on after several laps and then refused to go despite letting the car completely cool down to cold, it cut the power by 20/30% and kind of ruined the track day for me.

What are people thoughts and questions? The car is a 35i, 2009 build with 90k miles

Appreciate 0