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Originally Posted by morfinx
Originally Posted by Land_Shark View Post
Yes, according to my dealer, all cars after 6/2009 are MOST bus equipped.
I have a friend who has retrofitted the iPod module, his car is an 8/2009, his car has the MOST bus.. It is very simple to check it out, just take out the small plastic trim that is between the door rubber and the glove box (left side of the car) and you should be able to see if you have an MOST bus or not... A 2 minutes job, really....

EDITED: I am talking about the Euro Z4, this might or might not be true for NA ones.
Thanks for the info. My glove box is on the right side of the car As you saw in my earlier post, I had confirmed that my car has MOST by checking for the fiber optic cable connecting to the radio.
Aaah cool than for those who are eager to check theirs, the MOST bus if existent is on the left side. If you are a LHD, than it would be under the plastic trim between the left door rubber and the Steering wheel console (mine is a RHD car)...