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Originally Posted by CedarZ4 View Post
Any reason you think the M3/4 (F80/82) brake is NOT PnP?

As indicated, the calipers are the same as the F30 340mm version which are PnP. The 380mm M3/4 rotor looks like it could be PnP for our Z as well based on pictures alone. This would indicate the whole set-up should be good to go given enough wheel clearance.

I'm not too technical when it comes to brake components, but based on what I do know wouldn't this make sense? Please feel free to correct me.

Also... commented on your other thread. Without having physically inspected the calipers, but again based on logic and pictures, the M3/4 CERAMIC brake calipers may be PnP or at least with minor medications may fit our Z as well.
No Problem that you are not so technical with brakes - I try to explain you, not to correct you.

If you would install the 340 mm (=M4-calipers) at the Z4, you could install the 340 mm rotors, because we already learned that they are p&p. If you would install the 380 mm rotors with these 340 mm calipers, they cannot fit, because the rotors would raise the calipers by 20 mm (40 mm diameter difference). There would be no possibility to fix the calipers with the bolts to the svivel carriers, because there would be a gap between the mounting points of the svivel carriers and the caliper mounting points, because you raised the calipers from the 340 mm rotor mounting position to a 380 mm rotor mounting position.
Therefor you would need adapter brackets, which would be installed between the original assembling points and the mounting points of the calipers to compensate the 20 mm gap.

I hope you understand better now?

So the 370 mm PP-brakes would be the more simple solution with almost the same result.