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Originally Posted by KennyP View Post
i thought that every z4 35i has oilcooler from factory...
On the picture oilfilter housing looks like a part on 335i that doesnt have oilcooler from factory.

So questions that pop up:
Do really some z4 35i-s have no oilcooler?

i thought that was so only on earlier 335i/135i and on later cars as oil temps were an issue bmw added oilcoolers to all n54-s.
My EU spec 09 35i has oilcooler thermostat block on the filter housing and oil cooler for example.

I even checked parts catalogue, checked both usa and euro, 2015 35i and it shows me oilcooler and oil filter housing with oil cooler thermostat block, no option for not having oilcooler at all. That site may also be wrong.

Did someone replace oilfilter housing and got a cheaper(?) one from 335i? Or maybe had an issue with oilcooler and decided to delete it?
Engine got replaced and new engine did not have oilcooler option?

It does not make sense.

There was only one size for oilcooler from factory (17 21 7 585 717) same cooler on 35is and yes there are aftermarket upgrade options for a bigger one. But if you dont have oilcooler thermostat with cooler connections on oil filter housing then you must replace and upgrade filter housing aswell to add oilcooler.

So, I ended up passing on this car, but I was able to find a couple other later/refresh 35i on the market that looked the same...thus my confusion. None of them had the sport or M package so I really wondered if there were some later cars without an oil cooler. It would seem to be the case which goes against everything I've read, but I'm positive now that it wasn't just this particular car as I've seen other examples.

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