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Originally Posted by TXSTYLE View Post
Well gents... I am already watching Preseason and a Sunday Ticket subscriber of course! This year I am truly looking forward to watching teams outside of my own DALLAS COWBOYS. Intriguing story lines:

1. Cardinals. I grew up with Kyler Murray's dad. And watched him play and dominate at Allen High School (undefeated) and also watched him shred up teams at OU.

2. Browns. Well, just because of that teams stacked lineup.

3. Raiders. I want to see what Gruden will do with all of those picks and AB. I read he would not play unless he can wear his old helmet. LOL! That dude never disappoints.

On a sour note... I just heard that Dak (who I am a big fan of his game and especially his character) has requested $40M a year????
He is out of his foking mindset!
Kyler layed a major egg last night. He looked clueless out there and looked even worse in the in-game and post-game interviews. This guy's career will be three and out. At least he has baseball to fall back on.

Originally Posted by F30lolz View Post
Before we crown the Browns as SB champs come February in ghetto Miami Gardens, can the Browns have a winning season for once? IIRC the Browns last playoff appearance was 1992 when 1/2 of everyone here either wasn’t hatched yet or running around in footie pajamas.

QB comes off as a tool and OBJ can’t stay on the field for 1/2 a season. Cleveland can have his issues along with him demanding a new contract soon. Good luck.

Make a statement on the field, go 7-3 during the first 10 games. Make the playoffs? Toot your own horn but can everyone stop riding their cocks until they prove they are great? I mean honestly.
Baker Mayfield should keep his mouth shut and start winning football games. Pro football tends to humble folks very quickly. Funny these guys think just because they were blasting teams in glorified high school football (aka NCAA football) doesn't mean they'll be legit in professional football.
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