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Originally Posted by Kick 6 View Post
I may be able to point you in the right direction, I have been in the literature for a number of years. What specific health benefit are you looking for, cancer prevention, cardiovascular health, etc?

So many different companies make multivitamins and I often tell people that some may be beneficial while others may not. There are a lot of variables when it comes to making a multivitamin and some companies do a better job of being consistent than others.

I also tell people to get their nutrients through what you eat, don't depend on a tablet.
Thanks for the reply @Kick 6 Any clinical study would do. Any health benefit will do equally as well. I wrote the OP using the word "multivitamin" but I should probably have used the word "vitamins".

The replies have been helpful. Any references to studies done that point to use of vitamins or dietary supplements to avoid or improve an unwanted health condition will be appreciated.

Summarizing what I am reading in the posts: vitamins have not been clinically found to help.
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