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Originally Posted by KennyP View Post
Wierd that all those BMW brake kits are smaller:

Yellow BMW Performance 325x25 disk
Blue M brakes 340mm disk
Z4 35is brakes 348x30mm disk

When i looked at these i didnt really see the point as i already have 348mm brakes. Shouldnt upgrade have bigger rotors? Around 360-380mm like in e92M3, M2 , even 340i M sport brakes are 370mm??

I do understand why there are these long brake upgrade threads on this forum. US spec 35i brakes probably dont cut it, especially when you can add 100hp to the car with a few simple parts. Like 2007 160kw 325i with tow pack has 330mm rotors at the front??

For US 35i owners. I saw ECS selling 35is 348mm front kit on their website for like 900 USD and same stuff but with drilled nicer discs, performance pads and stainless lines was like under 1300 usd.


To add to these: Find 35is rear 325mm brakes and swap out the 300mm ones.

Relatively cheap upgrade and actually bigger?
Twin pistons should already make a world of diff against single piston.
I've been researching on upgrades as well. Biggest issue at hand is the DSC cause we don't know what's in the program. To me it's not about just putting BBK at the front it has to achieve a balance with the rears as well. Mine isn't a 35is hence have been hunting for 35is rear calipers for my next upgrade. I do think this M caliper BBK is a good choice.

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