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Originally Posted by SenorFunkyPants View Post
What they should do is have a briefing before every race and hand out a written copy to all teams so that everyone fully understands the regulations regarding track lim....oh wait!
True. RB is fast, the Merc is fast. Merc continues to get faster lap over lap and consistently trapping 10-12 km/h faster on the straight. RB engineers need to find a solution for the speed drag. Despite swapping to the low drag front wing, the speed delta remained. Merc has dialed in a perfect downforce/top speed balance. Seems clear that Honda is lacking pace. Data throws cold water on hammyís claim of bendy wing improvement.

Hammy is a fantastic driver, his personality can be cringeworthy at times. He is absolutely masterclass in his ability to use words to inflict damage to opponents and has a relentless appetite to do so (very politician-like).

Vettel and Alonso can get emotional and impulsive which may come off poor at times, but itís raw emotion in the moment that is often short lived. Hammy rarely exhibits raw emotion (even in his radio messages to the team as his crosses the finish line) it is as if he practiced in the mirror each morning. Vettel and Alonso say what they mean and appear comfortable being themselves and are not searching for acceptance. I hope Hammy finds that comfort at some point.

Also clear Hass hates downforce.
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