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Originally Posted by Germanauto View Post
You make good points, can't argue with any of them. But I'm just saying I'm happy to see them putting more effort now by dropping a V8 in the IS and them hinting at a forthcoming IS-F and other F models. But yes the cost cutting still shows because they did not redesign the 3-IS and instead gave it a second refresh. The interior is disappointing, powertrain carried over etc.

However from an enthusiast standpoint, who else is doing a V8 in their compact executive sedans? Overall Lexus really is doubling down on the engaging sport sedan thing while others are moving away from it.
I think we're saying the same thing but in a different way and the only disagreement is the degree to which we're "impressed with Toyota/Lexus" - i.e., me, not so much!

You noted earlier that "a slew of new F models are on their way" but are they? Toyota reported last year they canceled the LC F. The twin-turbo V8 is apparently still happening but the rumor is it's going in the LC 500 when it receives a refresh, and their highest end SUV. So, looks like the IS500 is the start of V8's going into their "500" series models rather than future F models.

As for the IS500, yeah, it's a good thing, more choices the better. However, beyond the V8 sound and feel, I doubt it's going to be any more engaging as you claim. Other than the original IS300 which came very close, there has never been an IS that was more engaging than it's BMW 3-Series counterpart of that generation. In the case of the current IS this generation started when BMW was still making the E9x. They're not likely to turn an ancient platform, that was never that engaging in the first place, to one that's going to better than the G20 M440i.

Overall, IMO, Toyota sells cars like they're appliances. What do people want in appliances? Good quality, good reliability and decent design. That about checks all the boxes for Toyota/Lexus. And they've succeeded on this formula by beating VW/Audi/Porsche to become the top automaker by volume in 2020. This is the one thing I"m impressed by with Toyota/Lexus, probably the only thing.
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