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No vehicle can project blue and red from the front without it being an emergency. Not sure about the siren law, but certainly this was a real call or someone is in trouble.
Sirens are treated the same as the emergency lights. I have used emergency lights only depending on the situation such as when I'm rolling out from the station late at night so I won't wake people in their homes. So the minimum to run under emergency status is having the lights.

What can be used without getting in trouble are the air horns. The Econoline rigs I ran had them mounted on the front grill but they were not particularly large. So there have been a few times some brain dead drivers would just sit there almost ignoring the air horns. The bigger Freightliner ambulances have the larger air horns mounted to the bumper that the Engines and aerial towers use. Now those things are F'n loud. And you can't help but want to get the heck out of the way or go deaf.
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