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Originally Posted by nicknaz
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I'm very surprised you could limp you 35is on public streets without wrecking it, causing a wreck, or getting arrested.
There can be other causes of limp mode other than driving extremely hard, such as HPFP failure, waste gate issue.

Some public roads in the middle of nowhere have great sight lines, run off and no one around for miles so it also wouldn't be a huge surprise that a sporty car owner drives those roads similar to how they would drive at a track
Totally understand. I meant in regards to overheating the 35is on public roads. Heck, my 335 doesn't have the aux oil cooler and it didn't limp until 4 2.3 miles loops on the track, 13 turns, (after four other 20 minute sessions) driving WAY harder than anyone ever should on a public road. .

Your last point is valid and I agree, I'd be looking at some cause other than overheating the oil cooling system.
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