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Limp Mode

Over the weekend my father and I took out his Z4 35is for some "Weekend Driving." The Z is completely stock and freshly out of a once over at the dealer.
After a few minutes of heavy spirited driving, the car would go into "Limp Mode." First time we stopped and let the car cool off for two heat cycles, and the switched the car off. Once we started it up, the car was completely fine. So off we went, switching the car back into Sport+ and continuing in our weekend driving fashion. After another few minutes the car switched itself back into limp mode. This time we stopped and switched the car off and back on, and everything was fine again. We decided to tone it down and go on about our way. We made it back home without any issues and no more limp mode.
So on to my question, is there a way to find out what made the car switch itself into limp mode? There weren’t any warnings or check engine light. We would just like to know if there is something wrong with the car. It always felt strong up to when it would go into Limp Mode, and it always felt strong after we would restart it.