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Originally Posted by rouxeny View Post
I think that the range of photos you can take with a SLR is certainly a bigger box than with a phone. But, for the average consumer/beginner photographer, who wants to take some snaps to share on IG or FB, a the box the phone provides pretty much overlaps with what they need.

Sure, if you need to print really large, or in low light, or need a big tele, then you need a SLR. My point is thst most people don't need that. Or they think they need that, but they really don't.

Until you can have a decent conversation about focal length, ISO, aperture, shutter speed, priority, and DOF, you really don't "need" a SLR.

Unless you want to be one of those people (there are many) who own $3000 of equipment but shoot on the green box....

Just wanted to say that I wasn't trying to contradict what you suggested.
No doubt camera phones are very interesting and the new phone cameras plus their editing software are remarkable.
And the phone display's are so good for shooting.

But there are some sweet dedicated cameras just above the $500 dollar price point. Night time and macro capabilities that are impressive.

Tough question and tough to answer which camera, maybe smart phone cameras are the best or holding off for next iPhone
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