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This is definitely neither a microswitch issue as stated by me earlier, nor a broken wire topic.

Did you check the pumps condition on the floor, aka did you take it out of the foam an had a look at the unserside? I've seen a pump that looked pretty good on top, but taken out of the foam, it was corroded. The motor of the pump can be openen without any risk by opening the two small screws on the right (in the first pumps picure above).

There is a lack of hydraulic pressure in the system. If the reservoir of the hydraulic pump is still between min and max, there is also no loss of hydraulic fluid in the system That means, none of the 2x6 hydraulic hoses is broken anywhere.

There are 3 reasons for weak hydraulic pressure:
- the two screws on the pump I have explained earlier. Same reason as on my video of the car, that couldn't lift the roof package out of the trunc
- hydraulic cylinders get weakened over time
- the hydraulic pump has weekend and requires a refurbish

At this point I can't recommend anything without touching the car.
Maybe that Klaus Witte from TopHydraulics can support you, if you present him the last video.

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