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Originally Posted by shashi27 View Post
I went with the 19" 235 and 265 PSSs with Vintage's reccomendation this weekend and the car really is so much better. The RFTs really make the car too harsh. The PSSs feel soft and soak up the bumps. Thanks, Vintage!
No problem and I am glad you like them - now go try them out on some curvy roads and grin from ear to ear. Every time I drive the Z with these PSS tires on them, I say to myself "darn BMW for trying to ruin a great car with horrible tires." It really is almost unforgivable as it is a performance car hobbled by RFTs.

I know one day me or my wife will have a flat. I will then press the SOS button and wait.

Now, let me know when you order the ESS flash.