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Drives: 135i
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Version 3.0.0

Here are some bugs that I have identified:
  • Does not scroll to the top of the page when the status bar is tapped - last status was Evaluating.
  • Does not go to last thread with short tap when "Settings > Single click goes to last read post" is set to ON if you haven't either (i) exited the forum and gone back in or (ii) refreshed (pull down) the forum thread list
  • Images are cropped in the thread - should display a resized image in the app (when you tap on the cropped image, the full image is displayed)
  • Images are not displayed in PMs ([IMG] tags and URL are displayed) - images are displayed in the browser
  • Different fonts not displayed correctly in threads or PMs, e.g.
    • In a PM, Courier New displays as Times New Roman
    • In a thread post, Arial, Courier New and Verdana display correctly, but the other test font types all display as Times New Roman
    • Font sizes display correctly
    See previous post.

    Incidentally, using Safari or Chrome on an iPhone, the mobile site exhibits the same characteristics as the iOS app, while the desktop site on an iPhone displays the font types correctly but font sizes 1 and 2 are displayed incorrectly (1 is equivalent to 3.5 and 2 is equivalent to 1 - strange!).
    Note: all font types and sizes are displayed correctly on a PC using IE10 and FF24.

Perhaps the iOS app is supposed to be more lightweight than the browser experience but my usage and preferences don't change between the app and browser so below are some suggested enhancements for your consideration:
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    • remove Bimmerpost app logo and replace with avatar but make the allocated pixel area smaller for the avatar
    • left-justify username so it isn't truncated
    • show whether the user is online - could be done using background or font colours, e.g. green is online and red (or default white) is offline. Alternatively, use background colour on the Posts / Join Date block to indicate online/offline status
    • show user's current activity if online, otherwise the last date/time the user was online
    • link for posts / started threads
  • Auto-populate the quoted PM/post in any reply
  • Provide an option to not show your signature
  • PMs - left swipe to delete
  • Minimalistic landscape mode - we need more screen realestate in landscape mode
    • remove bimmerpost banner, toolbar and title bar
    • remove bottom navigation panel and replace with translucent navigation arrows (or on have navigation arrows in portrait mode)
  • Change navigation arrow to be more inline with iOS7 styling (Apple URL - may not be retained indefinitely) - there were already some other comments regarding its anatomical resemblance so perhaps simply use the following (or the iOS7 equivalent of):
    << < > >>

That's it!

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