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Originally Posted by Humdizzle View Post
yeah don't drive the nice cars too often. thats what helped me keep them around. it should be an event each time you get in and not something 'familiar'. slowly modding along the way can help too.

what is it that bored you with the M2c ? is it too boring just driving around town ? My M3 is like that... once i stretch its legs on a back road any thoughts of selling it usually vanish though. Maybe you need a car that is more in line with being a fun daily at normal road speeds? BRZ is a great option for that. Then also have a cayman GTS for the weekend / nice days.
I don't drive the M2C very often, in fact lately I have been only driving it 1-2 times a week.

And it's nothing about the M2C in particular, I have been feeling like I will get to that point with any car...even my end game car (the 458 italia).

and that thought (what's the point, I will eventually get bored anyways) seems to have made me give up striving for that next car that I will have the passion for. I used to love the chase for my next car, and now I seem to be not so interested in that chase. I gots no car ambition! It's a weird place to be in for me. What now gardening?
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