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Originally Posted by ntg44 View Post
I think it's just you "growing up" and coming to realize there's more to life than material things, like cars.

And what I've learned at this point in my life is that expensive cars and the constant move to the next "better" thing (no matter what it is) does not and will not make me happy.

Case in point: I have a gen 1 V8 R8, and my neighbor recently got a gen 2 R8 (V10). He's redoing his driveway right now so the car is sitting outside in plain sight. I pass by it every day and get a hint of jealousy every time I see it. Until 5 seconds goes by and I realize I could afford a gen 2 if I really wanted it, but after thinking about it, my life would be 100% exactly the same if I traded mine in for a gen 2. Except I'd have about 100k less in my bank account. So what's the point?
This really hits home with me as I've been having the same thoughts. I'm in my late 20s and my daily is a paid off an older Lexus IS. Sure it's a mediocre car in a lot of ways, but would a new car really bring me added happiness? I'll eventually get around to an M2, but I'm in no rush to splurge on some car that's a stop gap between now and the M2.

A fulfilling career, social circle, girlfriend, etc. are what truly bring happiness. A fun car just adds to it but shouldn't be a high priority.
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