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Originally Posted by Land_Shark

I tried previously to retrofit the BT module. BMWHK told me that this cannot be done on my car (Z4 35 W/iDrive)
I looked in several places and I was told that I need BMW to code the iDrive once the installation is done... So basically, after 6 months of search, I gave up on the idea and went and bought FISCON. Not really what the OEM BT system does, but the easiest to install and without the need to recode.

If you come across a better way of retrofitting, please share with me the info. Tks
When did you ask BMW? They have official retrofits now, but maybe not for iDrive cars. I've done too much reading about this now and I think they would have one for you. But the prices are stupid ($12k for me + $10k installation). Might be less if you already have a Combox with iDrive. Not sure.

BimmerTech and BimmerNav (on these forums) sell original BMW part installs of the Combox it seems but require manual installation unless I can find an installer that wants to take it on in Hong Kong. I got the install instructions from BimmerNav in the end - besides drilling a couple of small holes in the glovebox for mounting it looks reasonable from what I read so far. They do remote coding for the car. If I go this route I'm thinking to invest in an ICOM or K+DCAN anyway so I can code it myself.

Definitely not interested in FISCON or Parrot, I'm too anal about my car :-)