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Originally Posted by wdb View Post
Some folks don't even have indexing on their downtube shifters *cough*.
There is an ex-pro who lives in Dade City. He's been trying to organize a Saturday group ride for a few months now. I went out with them a few weeks ago and a guy showed up with a Peugeot with shifters on his down tube. I don't know of they were indexing or not but it was a cool retro bike.

Unfortunately, he got dropped pretty bad on the first hill which is about 4 miles in. He made it to mile 7 where everyone was waiting on us. (a few of us turned back to pick him up) He had told the ride organizer that his last ride was about 25 miles. But he neglected to say that his last ride was also over a year ago. haha

A few riders broke off to escort him back to the parking lot.
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