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Yes, I went to 5 dealers, one of them really wanted my business so I got the deal... it was suppose to be $439 a month for 24 months with about $5-6k out of pocket (this include first month, tax, fees, and down payment)

I got it at $5,000 out of pocket and $382.xx
Now I am asking for $2,500 down payment (half of the out of pocket cost)
and Transfer lease fee $500
To take this car monthly payment of $382.xx


The car now has 9000 miles left for you guys to use, with option to purchase more later in the year if you want at a lower rate than .20 or .25.

I repaired and replaced the rear tires as I opted for the 296 wheels.

Your total cost of this lease is $7,600 (rounded up)
12 months.
This is a $64,500 car! Pretty much a great deal if you want it...
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