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REALLY Need Repair Cost Advice

I'm sorry if these topics have been covered, but I have somewhat of a crisis and I'm super limited on time to search for info since Iím currently at my job. I did do some searches, but didnít quickly see anything. Iíll try to make this short as possible.

Unfortunately Covid was very detrimental to my career and income. Pre-covid, this wouldn't have been as bad of a crisis. My 2011 Z4 sDrive35i needs work done. I took it to a recommended indi shop, and they pretty much screwed me. It's three back to back trips to them and $2,800 later, and my Z4 is in the exact same shape as it was before. It seemed that they were just throwing everything but the kithen sink at it, at my expense, until something actually fixed it, and still didnít manage to fix it. So I cut my losses and took it to the dealership.

Iím hoping to get some feedback on what people have paid, at the dealership or elsewhere, for a few things. I know taking a BMW to the dealer for repairs is going to be expensive, but what my local dealer has come up with seems pretty unreal. Iíve watched videos of some of the work needed for these repairs, and I didnít imagine labor, or parts for that matter, would be as high. But of course, this is my first BMW. Below is what was quoted. If I can get some feedback, it would be VERY appreciated. There is some work that Iím not going to list that will also be needed, like replacing the oil and other smaller stuff. But Iím going to only list of of the major expenses or prices that concern me.

Replace all fuel injectors with index 12 and update software: $3,480.36
Spark plugs only (not including coils), replace all 6: $429.51
Valve cover and gasket replacement: $1,530.10

Thank you guys for any input or feedback you can give!
Again, sorry if this has been covered elsewhere.
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