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my semi budget rig

Hi all on mobile here, and making some posts so i can recieve pms . i have a playseat challenge paired with a fanatec csl base, bmw wheel, handbrake and H/seq shifter.

I went the diy route to make a place to mount the shifter and hand brake. since i have the space i mounted the bracker vertically so the chair no longer folds but damn does the fitment and rigidity is on point. playing dirt rally and drifting in AC is much much mich easier now. (i still suck at dirt but at least i can pretend to look cool shifting and handbraking :]). the placement of the brake does block the mode selector for the shifter but i have not needed to change from the H pattern yet.

my comp;
b550 mortar MB
32gb ram
nvidia 2060
ryzen 5 3600xt
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