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I recently sold my 2020 Toyota for more than I paid for a it almost 1.5 years ago. I got quotes from Carvana and Vroom these are the easiest as its all online. Then I took it to Carmax and Wepaythemax (not sure if they have those everywhere). Vroom was the highest by about $1000. They were slow and communication was horrible, but they did honor the quote and come pick up the car.

I would get a quote from ATLEAST carvana and vroom to give you a starting point although those would be the lest hassle as its all online and they come pickup the car, though Vroom might be very slow. Once you have that you can try local places like Carmax or local dealers. Then if he wants more he can try listing on FB, craigslist etc but that's the most hassle.
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