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To continue crossing things off the list, the Lamin-X covers and Alcantara interior pieces have arrived. I've been working on and struggling to get the headlights polished, so that will likely wait another week, but I did install the Alcantara pieces yesterday.

Ordered off Aliexpress and they took about a month to get here. On the website they always seemed to be a dark grey to me, but I feel like they're trying to be black. Either way, dark grey as an accent color for the car, so they fit the scheme. The box was pretty crumpled by the time it arrived at my house, but the pieces were relatively untouched. I only ordered pieces to cover the silver accents in the interior.

If you think back (or look at the accompanying pictures) you'll remember I covered the center console and area around the HVAC controls with a grey carbon fiber vinyl. This had been a mistake from the beginning, but I gave it some time to win me over. Although the look isn't terrible, I never got around to covering the other silver interior accents, and wanted to try something new.

Don't mind the wires, it's part of hte switch install for the mufflers. They'll be cleaned up soon.

I really like what it's going for. The Alcantara looks and feels great. There is an issue however, and that is they don't cover everything 100% perfect. Honestly, now that I've installed and had experience with them, I really don't think they possibly could. I think it's an inevitability, no matter how well made, that there will be some slight showing of what's underneath, and that may kill it for me in the end. Thankfully it's actually pretty hidden from the drivers seat, but inspect any of it closely and it becomes quite glaring. I'll have to hop in the passenger seat and take a look as well.
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