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Well I cheaped out today and paid the price. While I've been waiting and waiting for these wheels to come I began looking for stupid things to take up my time. Since I was fairly sure early on that I'd be getting PS4Ss installed, I searched Craigslist for a deal and ended up finding a pair of 235/40/19s (the exact size I was looking for in front) with 60% of their life left for $50 each. Considering that the rears will surely wear out faster than the front due to camber and slippage, this seemed to be the perfect plan! 60% used in the front, new in the rear, then they'll wear out at the same time!

Well today I went to Americas Tire to make this happen and sure enough they had issue with the fronts. They mounted but didn't have quite enough air pressure to get the bead to seat. They could have MADE them seat, but I was very specific up front that there would be hell to pay if any damage came to these rims. So after trying a number of tricks over the course of about 6 hours, I ended up just buying a new set for the front. Unfortunately they're not coming until Wednesday so now I have to wait 2 more days! Dang! Here's yet another teaser for now...
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