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The tradition at the shark tank is when the stars are playing they pick a player out and after the national anthem they shout out his name and say you suck.

Pavelski is a traitor. But I don't blame him. The sharks will never win a cup with Doug Wilson as the GM.

Wilson does an excellent job of putting together an Olympic figure skating team. Year after year after year and then in March and April team chokes. I didn't like that huge contract for 8 years. Really? Did he even play all the games in the playoffs? Between him and burns and you have like 20 million a year against the cap. He paid Thorton a ridiculous amount of money last year. I don't like the big contract with the useless goalie and they are completely salary cap tied again this year. Is there money for Logan down the line ? It's too bad the owners checked out let's him do whatever he wants.
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