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Hi Robbie Z4

First of all, I'm not familiar at all with forums in general....So all my apologies!

I still have this issue as my roof doesn't open anymore...because I haven't had the time much to check this out but when I scanned it today what was reported was a fault code "A568" that says ID failure 27EH convertible roof top. And at the very first time I had also a CTM fault code .......

What does that mean?

I also took off the inside part of the roof to take a look at the unlocking system but it didn't reveal anything default but maybe it could be the little motor that doesn't work anymore or maybe also the CTM that is defect, go figure

And when I push down the button to open the roof, first all windows are scrolled down and then nothing and when I release this same button and push it down again, windows are kinda going 1/4 inch further down and then after nothing besides the "tic tic" noises I can hear when I keep pushing down none stop that same button, those noises seem to be coming from the inside doors but not sure

there is nothing "clear" on the web that talks about those codes identifications and no solution either.

Those are the news for now Robbie Z4.

Also the easiest solution to access the locked trunk (especially when for example, the battery is dead and when you don't have the ski bag option), is this

U must have access to compartment located in the center behind the two seats, take out everything inside, get rid of the shelves and then use your fist to punch the top of the plastic panel; this panel is locked from the inside by 2 little plastic locks that u can replace if damaged after it's open. Finally get a metal hanger that you unfold so that it is as long as possible in order to reach out the small green triangle located on the driver's side against the trunk panel, grab it and pull on it, it'll unlock the trunk. If the battery is dead, u might need another person to help u out lifting up the trunk panel while u unlock it.