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My first post in this Forum so, Hello everyone and Happy New year. I don't want to Hijack this post but have a similar issue with locked trunk/boot and request assistance please.

I am also interested on how to gain access to the trunk without a ski access hole/panel. I have a 2009 Z4 E89 Sdrive 3.5i. I have an issue with the roof and now cannot gain access to the rear trunk/ boot. What happend, on pressing the roof open switch in the centre console, the windows went down, the rear roof panel would open but only about 5 inches, then an error occurs. “Roof movement impaired”. Turning off the engine the hydraulic pressure dropped and the roof went down but did not lock. Starting the engine again allowed me to press the roof down button and it locked closed.

I took the car to a workshop and we did a diagnostic check and an error came up with “Roof Panel 2 micro switch closed” Code A69D (this is the right micro switch). We managed to get the roof open as before but again only 5 inches. Both left and right micro switches were electrical tested and showed no issues.

Now my problem starts. As before turning off the engine the roof dropped down, start the car again and pressing the roof close button it locked the rear roof panel down however, the roof open button is now flashing Red and when you drive away the caution light on the dash shows a Red Roof symbol, and a warning “Roof not locked" on the centre display screen and an annoying chime however, the roof is firmly shut and will not work.

I now cannot access the boot. We tried to override the fault and this allows the comfort access to the boot to operate and the boot lid rises about 1 cm and then locks again. After this it is firmly shut.

The remote and internal boot release does not work and basically, I cannot get in the boot.

I have three speakers behind the seats and I tried removing the top centre one but behind is a steel wall.

There is an emergency pull release in the boot and I have researched so much from this and other forums on how to reach this from inside the car. It seems ok if you have ski access panel but my car does not.

I too need a Miracle. Any help would be most appreciated.