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Originally Posted by usshelena725 View Post
Very nice. My dad had three BC's before he passed. I used to go with him to sheep herding trials and to agility trials. He was a national winner. Love those dogs.
Originally Posted by Real Dodger View Post
The best people have border collies! Mine is believed to be 10 years old or so. (rescue).
Originally Posted by usshelena725 View Post
It's sad to see so many Border Collie rescues, but not uncommon. The BC is one of the smartest dog breeds on earth, and as such, must be constantly stimulated mentally. Many people don't know this that get one and quickly realize that if you don't find something for a BC to do, they will find something on their own - and chances are, you won't like it - lol.

I feel like there should be some sort of vetting process to own a BC, since they are such wonderful dogs but so many people get them thinking they will act like a shiztu.

I've had mine since he was a puppy. He has been an awesome dog, very smart and extremely loyal. He's slowed down a bit, he used to be able to jump through the window of my Jeep and sit in the front seat.
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