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...just updating the attendee list...not too late to sign up!

Calling all BMW Convertibles! It's been a while since we've had a VERT meet/drive to Mt Wilson. Meet at Starbucks on Foothill and Gould in LaCanada/Flintridge, CA. at 9am, drive up Angeles Crest Hwy and stop for photo op. This will be a leisurely drive and not a speed drive. I checked out the route last week and there are too many patrols with laser guns at several turnouts! We will stop for a photo op on Angeles Crest Hwy at one of the major turnouts, then we will stop at the mouth of the Mt Wilson Road (for an outhouse break) before driving up to Mt Wilson with enough time between each car so you can enjoy the hairpin road and drive as slowly or quickly as you'd like and avoid rocks flying back at you! For those of you who have never been on this road, it's a great road to experience your car's and your own turning prowess! (Just don't drive irresponsibly!) We will have to pay for parking once at Mt Wilson. There is also a café, Cosmic Café, where you can purchase food and drink. The drive is great, the views are great, and we should finish up between noon and 1pm so you still have the rest of the weekend to enjoy. Feel free to invite other bimmer verts! I'll start the rsvp list:

1. BoBoB (Blackonblackonblack) E93
2. Don & Darcy E89 Z4
3. tmdals0213 E93
4. Bleen E93 M3
5. StickMon E85 Z4 M
6. Blcoffee E92
7. duchozen F12 M6 vert
8. mindlessmark07 F10 M5
9. cityjohn (from E46fanatics) (maybe + Z3 and + Z4 buddies)
10. Miniz racer E93 M3
11. rockinryno E46 M3 (from E46fanatics)
12. Rags2richeS 330ci
13. 98 Z3
14. mtrhed Z4M (maybe)
15. imz4n Z4 (from bimmerfest) + ???
16. skippershe 2001 Z3 (from bimmerfest)
17. Ron 2000 Z3
18. aram0492 E30
19. Ben N E93 (maybe)
20. Sherril & Stephen Z4
23. Rick Z4
24. mb67 E93 (from bimmerfest) (maybe)
25. Harry Z3 M
26. Van F. Z4
27. Palmdale Z4
28. Buster84 E93 (Needs a dog sitter in Sacramento..someone help a friend in need!)