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It has been remapped and it's had the gasket pan seal/filter replaced twice now!!

I was making this post to get feedback on other that had both hesitation and and gearbox temp issues or just the gearbox temp issues.

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Have you serviced your DCT?

I have 2009 35i aswell. Started noticing some slippage on Sport+ hard shifts and gearbox had some problems in automatic mode. It hold on to gears longer and wasnt so smooth around town. This happened around 60k miles.

Had an oil and filters service done. My DCT had leaked a bit at some point from the pan gasket aswell. New gasket ,that comes with the oil change anyway, fixed that aswell. Service cost me around 500eur.

Results: No slippage in sport+ shifts, picks up quicker in low revs, automatic mode as smooth as on the day i got the car.

My car runs Cobb Stage 1 map so that may cause more slippage from the DCT when pushing the car.

On the topic of overheating: have not experienced that but here are my thoughts: M DCT is a wet clutch transmission. It means that the clutch is cooled by the oil and same oil provides lubrication to the gears etc. DCT oil is a rather special mixture between manual transimssion fluid and automatic transmission fluid because it does both jobs. In time its frictional and cooling properties or viscosity slowly change and you start to see problems.

Hope this helps.
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